Whether you’re a hospital or a doctor’s office, you need a medical equipment supplier that you can rely on to provide you with all the products you need to treat your patients. You’ll be glad to know that there are many suppliers to choose from. Some of the top names include Medtronic Vascular, Inc., GoodCare by CPCI, and Henry Schein.

The division recently announced plans to expand its Center for Device Innovation, which will include the acquisition of small-scale startups to foster accelerated medical device development. It is also working with Microsoft to create a secure digital surgery ecosystem.

In addition to its medical devices, J&J also manufactures packaged consumer goods. The consumer health care division includes baby care, eye health, and beauty care products. J&J is also a leading supplier of surgical instruments.

Having served the health care industry for over 90 years, Henry Schein Medical has been able to deliver quality affordable medical solutions. The company is a leader in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, dental and surgical supplies, and equipment and instruments. Its products have been recognized for their quality, service, and innovation, and the company has won numerous industry awards. The company also provides white glove delivery and installation services.

Using their experience in healthcare, the company provides innovative solutions to help their customers grow and thrive. For example, the company recently entered into a master agreement with the University of California that will better serve the health care community that participates in the UC system. In addition to delivering innovative and affordable solutions, Henry Schein will help the University of California increase savings and improve access to medical products.


Founded in 1891, Philips medical equipment supplier has been a leader in designing and manufacturing innovative products and healthcare solutions that enhance the quality of life and improve the quality of care for patients. Philips has offices and facilities in more than 100 countries. The company also manufactures and markets consumer electronics, lighting products, and personal care products.

Philips is divided into three main divisions: Healthcare, Lighting, and Consumer Lifestyle. Philips focuses on improving people’s health and well-being by offering innovative healthcare solutions and advanced technology.

Philips Healthcare operates a health-tech hub in Nashville, Tennessee. Its North American sales organization is in Bothell, Washington. It also has regional sales offices in Lahore and Rawalpindi. Philips Healthcare employs more than 2,500 employees in the United States and Canada. Philips also has a healthcare informatics division.

Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

Founded in 1960, Medtronic Vascular is a Minnesota-based medical device company. The company’s products include stent systems. They also manufacture surgical replacements of diseased heart valves. They are a major competitor to Boston Scientific Technology, Inc.

While Medtronic is known for its insulin pump, it also manufactures therapies for diseases including cancer, diabetes and chronic pain. The company has a vested interest in tackling the healthcare access problem. As such, they have won several federal contracts worth $40 million.

Aside from insulin pumps, Medtronic has also made a few technologically advanced devices, including the first hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system. In the early 1990s, Medtronic purchased the Boneau patents that helped power their stent systems. The company also sold equipment built by other companies.

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